Laser Liposuction
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Laser Liposuction

Better than Liposuction – Safer, short recovery, affordable

  • Better than traditional liposuction
  • Local anesthesia
  • Short recovery
  • Very affordable

Laser Liposuction is the newest, safest, and most effective way to remove fat and give you that sculptured body that only this procedure can provide.

Doctor Goodman, a Board-Certified Cosmetic Surgeon, provides Liposuction & Laser Liposuction at Radiance. He is arguably the top surgeon in the country with these procedures and we are proud to have him here in Westchester to provide his outstanding results at reasonable prices. He has performed over 6000 successful liposuction body sculpting procedures.

Liposuction / Laser Liposuction is provided for women and men on all parts of the body: abdomen, waist, back, outer & inner thighs, upper back, under arms, and in the neck area. Doctor Goodman also provides Fat Transfer to the buttocks, sometime called the “Brazilian Butt Lift.” He is a particular expert with this additional technique. Where needed the “Brazilian Butt Lift” is the perfect way to complete a total resculpting of the body.

Additionally, Doctor Goodman is one of the country’s top pioneers of stem cell enriched fat transfer to the face, a longer lasting alternative to facial fillers like Juvederm and Restylane used to plump sagging cheeks. Dr Goodman also uses this new technique to re-sculpt the neck & jawline.

In response to the increasing demand for minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, Radiance is pleased to welcome Dr. McCarthy as the newest board certified physician to join Dr Goodman’s aesthetic team. In practice for over 7 years, she completed her post-graduate medical training at Northwell Hospital and Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC.

Dr. McCarthy is a member of the American Association of Cosmetic surgeons and has completed fellowship training under Dr. Neil Goodman in the areas of tumescent liposuction, fat transfer, and injectables. Dr. McCarthy holds multiple certifications in tumescent liposuction with laser assist, autologous derived stromal vascular stem cell harvesting for fat transfer, platelet rich plasma treatments, fillers injectables, kiebella, PDO threading, and laser tattoo removal.

Dr. McCarthy is particularly skilled at listening to and understanding her patients needs, and using her expertise to achieve optimal & body & facial enhancements. As a female doctor, she has a unique understanding of the importance of feeling confident in your own skin, and prioritizes patients comfort while optimizing results.

Dr. Goodman or Dr. McCarthy would be happy meet with you in a complimentary one-on-one consultation to discuss your personal needs and expectations.


Before & Afters Photos*

Meet Dr. Neil C. Goodman & Dr. Dayna McCarthy

  • Arguably the country’s top liposuction experts.
  • Completed over 5000 successful liposuctions.
  • Specialized in liposuction, do it every day.
  • Their results far exceed the norm.
  • Do large as well as smaller size cases.
  • Have a huge library of Before & After pictures.
  • Show you B&A pics close to your physique.

Dr. Neil C. Goodman
Board Certified – Liposuction Specialist

Dr. Dayna McCarthy
Board Certified – Liposuction Specialist

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